Born in Abadan, (Iran), childhood in Aden (Yemen) and Goa, my early years were multi-geographical. Fun, frolic & mischief was my chief occupation; proudly claiming the title of 'naughtiest girl in town. The greatest advantage was not having to join formal schooling till grade 3, since there were no schools in Aden for Indians.

Moving to Mumbai for education, changed everything. Being the youngest in class, brought on an uncomfortable sense of inferiority. Even academic excellence in school & University, did not help to boost my confidence. The conversation at home was ''Nobody will give her a job, because she can't face people'.

Undeterred, I started my career, which later led me to Hindustan Unilever for 32 years! And the highlight? The Company recalled me post-retirement, to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, HUL Foundation. I had gone from being a Loser to being a Winner.

There were many serious crises along the way, for sure – my husband's near-fatal accident in 2014 and my own cancer journey in 2022/23. This did not stop me from acquiring a Master's Diploma in Training starting out as a Job Search Coach for the last 4 years. Have also co-authored two Amazon Best Sellers – Revive & Thrive and I'm Possible.

The simple but enduring message of my life is: unflinching Faith in Providence, who always works in my favour.

I walk by Faith, not by Sight!