"Counting my blessings each day and it feels like God is being so kind on showering me with his choicest blessings??

Some days it feels like a dream, as when I look back I see a homemaker who never had dreamt of being a LifeCoach and an Image consultant, I had no purpose or mission in life, never had any goals or plans. I was always living life on autopilot, for 23 years living a boring mundane routine life, didn’t know where life was taking me or what I wanted from life

Only when I started believing in myself, giving myself the love, care, respect, and permission to express my feelings, likes, and dislikes, only when I started working on my dreams and passions, I started getting the love, respect, and recognition I deserved. It took me 23 years to build the courage, to find my identity and become financially independent. I had to face my fears, I had to be vulnerable, I had to beat my resistance and self-doubt and I had to leave my comfort zone.

Today I tell every woman that there is no age or time to be who you want to be, become who you want to become, do what you want to do, or love doing

Only you can design your life no one else will do that for you. No one is going to give you permission or tell you to go live your dreams. It’s you who will have to take 100% responsibility for your life

It’s never too late, in fact, I will say better late than never

Start from where you are, start from what you have, and just never settle. Today I am happy that I have wings to fly, I make my own choices, I am living my dream life and I am blessed to be surrounded by my kind of people

I feel truly like an enlightened goddess !"