"I looked into the mirror through the eyes of others!
Curious and talented but hesitant to let loose of walls of hesitation and blur the lines of self-doubt.
Bold and confident face yet hiding the tears of rejection and the urge to seek love, attention and validation.
Brooding over spilt milk, body image issues, health ailments added to my low self-esteem.
It was a pattern!
Everytime I would be put down by people, I would challenge myself focussing on strengths and winning applauds and praises!
Corporates like RBS and Citi never drove a passion but I enjoyed every bit of that life.
Sales helped me give that confidence of a leader and achievements gave me a sense of owning that .
Challenges stay and circumstances change and some changes will cost our patience and question us of our existence.
Remember when life throws you surprises,accept with open arms and do not resist to change!
The troubling times teach us with new skills and opens up more avenues of opportunities.
Testing times are the best teachers!
We never are aware of the bigger purpose that is waiting for us.
So have faith and hope in the journey of life.
Analyse and focus on self. Accept flaws and do have changes and add improvisation where required.
Let abundance find a way to our life forever!
Be happy and dont compromise for the sake of doing ,it won't take us to places of heights.
""Life is room full of clouds
Dark and Bright
Shrouded by Mist of hope
Embraced by mighty arms of faith
Beaming bright
With the rays of sunshine
Through the prism of confidence
Bending not under coercion
Or the large feet of fear""
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