"Have any of you faced the challenge of saying YES when you actually wanted to say NO? Or ended up pleasing people in fear of judgement? Or just wanted validation to feel better?

Let’s embark on my life's journey, shaped by my biggest teacher LIFE and the profound concept of BOUNDARIES.

Raised by a single mother after losing my father to cancer at 13yrs, I faced adversity & many challenges. Transforming my personal struggles, I emerged from fear, doubt and lack of self-esteem to evolving into a confident and bold personality.

Saying "NO" days before my arranged marriage, that encroached my boundaries, marked a pivotal moment. A tough decision that taught me to stand up, be unafraid and protect my mental peace was life changing.

When people ask me…Why am I so happy all the time? It’s because…The little NO’s, tough choices and holding strong to my values made me resilient. I realized only when I prioritized myself could I be happy and in turn spread the happiness. And I learnt it all the hard way!

Today, I stand as an Actor, Emcee, Voicing Artist, and Boundaries Coach, as testament to life's evolution and the power of asserting one's limits.

I continue to be a forever learner and am privileged to help people along the way who have faced the same challenges as I have with the help of powerful communication and self-love practices.

From hardship to empowerment – Life is truly a CELEBRATION!"