Hey there! This is me Harshi.
And I'm here to let the world know, that SPIRITUALITY can bring the biggest shift in one's mindset through giving some incredibly untapped perspectives to approach life! Often I've realised people relating spirituality with a subject to pick at an old age or after retirement. I mean, comeon!! Spirituality teaches us the WAY OF LIVING LIFE, and how come it should be something to explore after the life is almost passed! We being Indians are blessed with a very favourable environment from such an early age wherein we can educate ourselves, inculcate spiritual practices and can seek spiritual growth relatively quite easily. All credits to the history of our land and the cultural significance.
I've also experienced that spirituality is highly misunderstood by people, as of it's something only those can do who has left the material world behind. A BIG NO!!! Performing your actions with utmost honesty and practicing detachment with results, is all that needs to be done by every human as per our scriptures. And trust me, once a person starts spiritual practices like meditation or chanting, it gives 100X boost in their growth of career. All that you learn from spirituality adds value directly to you attitude, approach and performance in the world of achieving goals.
That's all from my end. Hope you learn something from it and start taking baby steps towards a new journey 🙂

My super 500 journey in Super Speaker Reality Show has been Inspiring and I hope My Story inspires you too! :)))