"To all the incredible moms out there who are raising children with special needs, you are a warrior mom! You are ENOUGH and it is going to be OK…

It is normal to feel overwhelmed, exhausted and sometimes lost on this unique path. I have been there, done that!

Being an academic topper and a go-getter as per normal schooling, other than financial problems, I was never exposed to real life challenges. Living a scripted life as per societal norms – getting professional degrees, settled in a stable government job, marrying the love of my life, secured lifestyle, gathering materialistic wealth, planning for children – this all happened in my life too. But, deep within I still felt I haven’t found my TRUE calling yet.

And then life gave me a completely UNPREPARED challenge. Yes, we were chosen to be parents of our beautiful girl child with special needs. I wish this responsibility came to us with a manual. I searched and researched a lot, looked out for support. I was struggling with more self-doubt, and negative thoughts. But then, there came a certain point where I started to accept my life with all these challenges and then my struggles started to EASE OUT. It was HARD, but not SCARY any more.

Amid the daily responsibilities as a working mother, I realized that by nurturing myself I could replenish the energy needed to be the incredible mom to my children’s needs. Focusing on self-development is not an indulgence but a necessity, a conscious choice to foster resilience and strength. I learnt to prioritize my wellbeing, both physically and mentally giving moments of self-care and rejuvenation that I deserved. I carved out space for personal growth and transformation. I discovered the beauty in embracing imperfections, finding balance, and cherishing the small victories of my child in this “Extraordinary” journey. These moments filled my heart with joy.

With personal and emotional growth, I could uncover hidden strengths within me, leading to a more empowered and balanced life. Choosing self-care and personal goals did not diminish my dedication; rather, it enhances my ability to provide unwavering support to my family.
Today I am certified Life Coach and I am determined to be a beacon of inspiration for many parents on a similar journey. I am here to guide them through the process of self-discovery and showcase the beauty that arises when a mother invests in her own well-being. Through this transformative coaching, a special needs mother not only nurtures her own dreams and passions but models resilience and determination in her life.

My aim here is to build a community of empathy and understanding. Share this video to spread awareness about the unique abilities that each individual possesses, regardless of the challenges they may face.

Let's celebrate the resilience of special needs families and encourage a world where EVERYONE is embraced for who they are."

My super500 journey in the Super Speaker reality show has been inspiring and I hope my story inspires you. #InspiringIndia #SuccessGyan #SuperSpeaker #Super500 #speacialneeds #awarenessbringschange