Once a shy, introverted girl, I preferred the quiet company of books over people. Even when guests arrive, I would try everything possible to not come out of my room. My parents used to force me to talk to them, but I would just smile. I was myself only with my close circle – my parents, my sister, my grandparents and my friends. I was friendly with many at school, but I had my own close circle of friends (who I still keep in touch, and that is a blessing)!
A pivotal moment came during an interview with a major telecom company during my first year of college. It was a scheme just for college kids to earn while learning. I attended the interview because I wanted to support my family financially and for a little bit of my own pocket money too. As much as I wanted the job, i was very scared of failure. I was reluctant to even go to their office to check results. No email or phones back then. My sister agreed to go with me, and I was feeling a little better because of her presence. Little did I know that she would be a big reason for me to change myself within. Here is what happened – overcome by fear, I asked my sister to check the results after we entered the office campus. She told me that either I can check the results myself or we can just go home. I could feel her disappointment in me, that I don't even have the courage to check the results. We started stepping towards the exit, when I realized that what I was doing was unfair to myself. I asked her to wait right there, and I climbed two storeys, checked the results and know what? I got through! Her refusal, urging me to confront my fears, sparked a transformation. I chose to venture into the unknown, pushing my boundaries despite resistance. I stepped out of my comfort zone, spoke up when I wanted to remain silent, and stood out when I wanted to blend in. It was not easy, but each step brought growth. I found my voice, built my confidence, and learned to articulate my thoughts. I never stopped or looked behind. The rewards were career advancement, recognition, and personal growth. I exceeded my own expectations.
Now, I use my journey to inspire others, from children to adults. I've witnessed transformations in thousands – shy individuals now expressing themselves confidently, flourishing with newfound self-assurance and self-belief. I urge them to confront their fears, step out of their comfort zones, and harness the power of self-belief.
This is my vision for children. Just like how I had my sister to push me and realize my hidden potential, I want to be that catalyst for many others who need it. I am doing it in small numbers and through Success Gyan's trainings, I have come to learn a lot more about myself and how I can work towards not just my betterment but also towards others' betterment.
We all have a voice waiting to be heard, a confidence waiting to be unleashed, thoughts waiting to be expressed. Don't let fear restrain you. Embrace self-belief's power, and you too can transform, as I did.