Dreams are the architects of our destinies and listening to your heart and believing in yourself becomes the compass that navigates the labyrinth of choices in the pursuit of those dreams.

But dreams remain ethereal without the courageous act of taking the leap of faith. The leap is the pivotal moment where aspirations transform into reality.

This has been my guiding philosophy. Be it after engineering when I decided my next step. Be it when I left something very secure to join a smaller company in an absolute different industry. It happened again in 2004 when I listened to my heart and returned from my foreign posting, gave up my NRI status and got back to India. All questioned my decision. Then again in 2007, I once again, believed in myself and moved out of my comfort zone.

In 2014, 2015, 2018, 2021, be it in my personal or my professional life, I took leaps of faith. I believed in myself. I listened to my heart. And everytime I soared higher, better, stronger and happier.

Please do your homework and do your calculations. But in the end, follow your heart. Believe in yourself, move out of your comfort zone, take the leap of faith.

As Polonius says in Shakespeare's Hamlet, “Take each man's censure, but reserve thy judgment."

From my personal experience I tell you: that’s where the magic happens!

My Super 500 Journey in the Super Speaker Reality Show has been inspiring and I hope my story inspires you!