Born in a middle class family my parents are epitome of simple living & high thinking! It is their parenting which has instilled in me a sense of humanity & self belief.
Life has never been easy but giving up is not in my genes. I have faced challenges and remained stoic. I believe in converting hurdles into stepping stones and when I look back in retrospection I beam with pride that not only have I achieved success but I have reached there without compromising on ethics or at the expense of someone else's loss.
I staunchly believe that hardships are part & parcel of life but how you face them determines your triumph or defeat.
A gifted versatile personality that I am -doctor, teacher, singer, dancer, writer are few of my facets.
Giving back to the society is something which is very close to my heart. Hence I offer my free medical services in various camps like – Cervical cancer screening camp, Women health check up camp etc. Menstrual health is often neglected in India so I make sure to conduct school lectures regarding its awareness.

The truly inspiring thing about my journey is the untold battles that I fought and emerged out victorious!