Life is not always a smooth journey but a stage where we will not just experience the pleasures but also the pain. I have often heard people saying, “God has been unfair to you” but little do they know that God has rewarded me with a gift in disguise of a special need child who has helped me explore my true potential and drink life to the very lees.
He may be disabled physically but not in spirit and has taught me how to live.
Treat your problems like opportunities to rise like a phoenix!
Failures are also a way of life trying to teach you how to get up and conquer the world. I did give up and decided to quit multiple times, have been emotionally and physically exhausted and drained, left my passion for teaching and training for almost two years, but did I succumb to the road blocks?
I got up as many number of times I fell down with a reinvigorated spirit and decided to fight fiercely. You can change your life at any point of time that you want to. That is the beauty of being a HUMAN! I sought help because I needed to and executed the suggestions as given by my mentors. Today, I can vehemently say that I am a much stronger, enhanced and formidable version of myself. My past can never be forgotten but I’m going to treat it like a fertilizer to bring my life to a glorious fruition.
Stay strong not because the world wants you to be strong, but because you have no other choice!
Your doorway to a new you!