"My story starts with Death, not Birth.

When my Grandfather passed away, I was just a child of 6 or 7. I didn't grasp the concept of death then, but I knew one thing: I never wanted to return to this world.

That simple wish ignited a quest to clear my karma, to break free from the cycle of rebirth. Was it the human in me, or the yearning of my soul?

Death again took this journey to the next level. with my father's departure, I embarked on a quest to uncover the 'why' behind everything.

But I wasn't alone on this journey there were many who needed a message from their deceased loved ones. A girl who was shy and fearful became the medium between two dimensions. I became a spiritual coach and a psychic Medium.

My clients started leaving sessions with immense peace. Their transformation fueled my determination.
that's when a hidden desire whispered that I couldn't depart until I'd touched many lives.

unknowingly, I became a guide, a beacon of hope, to countless souls navigating the stormy seas of life.
With the power of divine energies, I transmuted negativity into positivity, creating ripples of change in people's lives.

My journey is ongoing, and my hidden desire remains as strong as ever.

My story begins with Death, a transformative journey that unfolds, inspiring and empowering all those seeking a higher purpose.

Remember, The power to change is within you. Embrace it.

Live in Light"