“From shivering hands,to a confident handshake.From quivering lips to a musical voice.From a simpleton,I became a Commissioner,an MBA,a psychologist and a lawyer.

My story began as a 22 year old, when I shivered during a group discussion. Then had a string of failures. Positions I was qualified for and competent for were handled prejudicially.

A lecturership was denied to me on the grounds that I would quit later, if I cleared the UPSC.

I was seeking validation, security and faith. Today, by God’s grace, I am a Commissioner and I teach people public speaking as a passion.

I rewrote my story I worked on my phobias. enemy number one was lack of confidence.

Lesson one, believe in yourself. Walk that extra mile. I slogged during my UPS days, sitting in the back of an auto and reading my notes.

Two learn, learn and learn.

Three, communicate well. I want to pass on this gift. So I teach people public speaking.Socio economically challenged children, for free. I lecture at IIM and IIT.

I fought my fear. Did you?”