Life is a not a bed of roses , I read the same in my childhood and could understand the implications of the same. My belief has been that yes it’s a bed of roses but roses have the thornes alongwith them. So the trick should be to access the sweet smell of the roses , appreciate its colors and freshness and at the same time do not get entangled in the thornes. This has been my theme of life and my narrative in the attached video.
Life is not black and white but its grey and making use of the best that it offers has been my motto and which has brought be thus far. There’s saying that when life throws lemons at you, make the lemonade out of the same. Reflecting upon oneself everyday, appreciative and grateful of the achievements and improvising oneself to achieve what’s not achieved is the way to be followed.
Life is tough, mother earth is made of rocks and mere mortals have to sustain themselves. The last laps of a long sprint are the difficult ones and test ones toughness and at the same time the same bring in the most joy and are decisive. Siding with the positives of life and moving ahead and “keep walking” has kept me going and I will continue to follow the same while upgrading & upskilling myself , being hopeful and maintaining the faith in the powers above

Thank You