One voice, one vibration, spoken alongside
so many others has the capacity to build and
rise into a massive wave of transformation.
When you see evil or injustice, take a stand.

When she stood up for the right, she had to
pay a price. When everybody wrote her off,
she believed in herself. She was strong
enough to break a million times over and still
resurrect herself from the ashes.

As flawed, fearsome, imperfect, timid and
vulnerable Dimple appears, there is nothing
she can't overcome. It's only a matter of time
till she knows that the few seconds of the
insane courage, of immense power, of
vigorous guts and a leap of faith is what she
needs-To kill her inner demon, To outshine
herself…To be HER again!

In your everyday life, how do you go about
correcting injustices that you see? Being
compassionate and helpful and really trying
to stand up for what is right. How can you
use your voice to elevate the voices of those
who aren't heard?

My Super 500 Journey in the Super Speaker
Reality Show has been Inspiring and I hope
my story inspires you! 

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