I grew up in fear, anxiety and questions why did my parents fight & argue.
This caused a lot of emotional turmoil in me. Every night I used to cry in fear. I never opened up nor explored my potential.
The moment I used to listen to the loud voice I used to panic.
I used to close my ears so that, I don't listen to my parents fighting. I never got a chance to express this in my early childhood.
Later I started asking my parents, but I never got an answer. I feared my parents, loud voices, and arguments. Staying at home was never a joyful experience, parents were very good to us. But their fights always disturbed me.
I never was happy in my childhood.

My Parents individually are amazing people, serving the society, holding the joint family, taught universal theories , values, ethics to me.
I am always noticed and appreciated for my culture and behavior. These are all the gifts I have received from my parents,
But I couldn't understand why two amazing individuals could have so many differences.

Because of the fear from childhood, and associated fears in the school for the punishments that my friends got in the school, I never enjoyed my school days, and I was forced to study Electronics in college, but I was never interested in it, again finished my degree with fear, but I absolutely failed to create my career.
I struggled to create an identity for myself till I met my mentor Dr || Muruli.

With all these experiences I was still determined to create a better future, I set out to become an exceptional wife and promising mother, with an amazing life partner, I loved the unconditional parenting Journey. Today I am proud to have raised two confident individuals..
I enjoy bonding with my children, it is so amazing why parents are struggling to nurture this relationship.

At 39 a magical awareness by my mentor
Dr || Muruli helped me to carve my career as parenting coach, together we started a company – UNIQUE TRUTH

He broke my barrier, with the awareness that every unique individual behaved according to their knowledge, experience and perceptions at that moment, actually no one is wrong, neither my mother nor my father
Knowing & accepting the people as they are is the key. No one is wrong but when two individuals from different cultures are not aware of the self and the partner then they not only mess their life but their children's lives also.
"Self awareness" is the first step.

Under the guidance of my mentor I understood my true potential through his Fingerprint analysis
And also this helped me to clearly understand why parents had so much of differences and he guided me step by step to accept & forgive my parents, with which today the bonding of what I have my parents is just amazing.

"What more can I ask for"

Childhood is a delicate time, and without self-awareness and knowledge, many children's dreams are crushed before they even have a chance to bloom.

If I had not gone through this in my childhood I could have never been able to guide many parents to nurture their children so positively without damaging their self esteem.

I am blessed to have empowered over 2450 parents, both online and offline, with my unique parenting training module, tailored to each child's uniqueness.
Every child deserves love, expressed through their own love language, not fear or anxiety. Together, let's nurture our children without damaging their precious self-esteem. Join me on this incredible journey of empowering parents.

My Super 500 journey in the Super Speaker Reality Show has been Inspiring and I hope my story inspires you