I have been a life long learner and will stay so. But it hasn't always been adding… there is a lot which needed to be removed. The journey of life is a balance we strike between learning and unlearning. I was so full! Full of logic and information and science, in 2008 it took a divine intervention to start my journey into emptiness.
A designer by education, Vocalist at heart and a practitioner of Yoga for life, with 3 Masters degrees under my belt, I believe most of my true learning has happened outside of these certifications, in the Himalayas, by the Gangaji or amidst the sounds of Krishna Yajurvedic chants. There was a time in life when I felt lost and lonely and unfocused, doing various unrelated things. It took more than a decade into practicing yoga and surrendering into the Divine Will, that I realised how beautifully the dots of my life connected. Different facets of me as a designer, musician and yoga practitioner gave birth to a unique and fine ability of designing therapeutic interventions incorporating ancient Vedic sounds to bring about a holistic healing to the careseekers. Surrender to the Divine empowered me the most. The emptier I become, the better the Divine can play its music through me! Sometimes my rhythm is like that of Shiva's Damaru and sometimes, the harmonic melody of Krishna's Flute.

My Super 500 journey in the Super Speaker Reality Show has been inspiring and I hope my story inspires you to follow your heart and surrender. Believe he has a bigger plan beyond your comprehension!

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