Lichen planus pigmentosus, an autoimmune and stress related skin disorder attacked my face in my late thirties.
It disfigured my appearance and battered my self esteem, big time. As a doctor myself, I experienced such helplessness and sadness at my condition.

Unkind comments and inquisitive questions followed me everywhere and treating LPP became a frustrating affair.
I felt dejected noticing the once flawless complexion turn into an unpleasant disturbing face.

Intense moments of despair and anguish often gripped me…
until one fine day when I simply sat in front of the mirror staring at my reflection and what i saw was so much more than a blemished face !
I saw a beautiful being laden with such amazing qualities n talent gifted by the divine. In that moment I whole heartedly embraced myself as I counted my innumerable blessings . All judgments and grief vanished as tears of gratitude rolled down and what emerged was SELF LOVE and FREEDOM… freedom from body shaming!
I was transformed, so did my skin eventually.