“In trying to please all, she had pleased none.” – Unknow

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the course of my life, it is that breaking away from the perceived ‘norm’ can be difficult. But I’ve also learned that living life a certain way just to please other people is nothing short of a death sentence !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Striving for everyone's approval, I lost who I was, stuck in a life without passion and realness. Despite seeming successful, I felt crushed by fitting in.

A low point made me question why I was living for others, realizing it was a dangerous road.
Craving a shift, I bravely chose to be true to myself, breaking free from what society expected.

Leaving behind a 'normal' life, I stepped into the unknown of authenticity. It wasn't easy, but it marked a change from a dull life to a colourful one.

Five years ago, I broke free, leaving behind a soul-crushing corporate job to become an authentic communication coach.

Today, as a TEDx coach, I empower others to articulate their truths with honesty and compassion.

My journey exemplifies the liberating power of authenticity, a testament to the profound transformation that occurs when we dare to live life on our terms."