I am Shweta Chopra and this video is where the tale of my transformation unfolds. Picture a life once adorned in princess dresses, that took a 360° turn after my Times of India marriage 22 years ago. The shift brought me to a new place, surrounded by unfamiliar faces, a patriarchal joint family, and a husband with a penchant for life in the fast lane. Despite holding a communication degree, I found myself muted, losing both voice and confidence amid the whirlwind of becoming a mother.

In a pivotal moment, I mustered the courage to express my need for work. Thus, my journey into entrepreneurship began with an event management company, an endeavor that, despite early success, was temporarily placed on auto mode due to my balancing act between work and personal life.

A year later, the allure of creativity drew me to AIR as a part-time radio jockey, a role that rekindled confidence within me. The entrepreneurial bug bit again, leading to the establishment of a garment store at my home and my association with FICCI FLO Jaipur. This marked the beginning of a transformative phase where I emerged as a beacon for women entrepreneurs, heading initiatives that impacted thousands.

Today, I stand not only as the head of a women's wing for ASSOCHAM but as someone who has unearthed her purpose – to serve and empower other women. Join me in this narrative of resilience, self-discovery, and the profound belief that one's attitude determines their altitude.