"My name is Arjaman. I’m an educator by profession. At a very young age I understand that I have to take the responsibility of my family. Being just an intermediate, no one was willing to give me a chance. Coming from a Muslim family is like a cherry on cake as my choices of jobs were very listed. With the passing of time things turns out really difficult for me as finding a job was like an impossible task for me. I was shattered totally don’t know what to do next. Saving was about to end how I’m going to manage my family? How will the next day pass? Every single day was a nightmare for me, there were depression, hopelessness all around. Somehow, I pulled myself together and started my journey as a tuition tutor. Furthermore, as per the needs I opted different jobs like online tutor, part time counsellor, salesperson and many more but still was not enough. Days are passing like winds and expenses are going on peaks. I tried to get some help from my family members, but nobody blinks an eye for us and that was the hardest truth for me to accept. I was suffocating with the fact that I’m not capable to fulfilling the needs of my family. I started having this and those thoughts then something clicks on my mind, and I realized one bitter truth for the lifetime that nobody will going to help you for you need you have to beacons strong enough to help yourself. from that day I decided to become really strong for my family and yes, I started searching for next opportunity once again. Things were going likewise until when I got an offer from a good school for a senior faculty. That day I was really happy that everything is sorted now with this job I’m going to resolve everything but that was not the case, I got a tight slap of failure once again. Things were not at my Favour in the school people were judging me, criticizing me discriminating me like anything else, I became someone as blacklisted. People were not ready to even share lunch with me that was the height of the environment. I tried to endure things but soon after I resigned.
And then my struggle to find the job starts again. This time scenario was really horrible because now we are in era were casteism is a fashion. I got interviewed for about 50+ jobs but nothing turns out well for me. Reasons are stronger now firstly you are very young secondly you used to wear a hijab. My belief became a curse for me and a no sign for others. With God graces a miracle happens in 2019 I got an opportunity from a very renowned preschool to join them as a principal. I was on seventh sky but then again case remain the same every single person at HR department was in dilemma that you are way too young to handle this post. I was about to give up just then my director shows trust on me and took me in as his responsibility. From that day onwards I decided to never look back and to work really hard to make the other people believe that they didn’t make the wrong choice I’m capable. I started educating myself on different areas and getting trained for the same. Very soon i became a matter for their appreciation.
Now I’m an educator, a trainer and a certified counselling. Till the time 100 facilitators got trained by me and 1000+ parents got counselled over child physiology and education.
The best part is now I’m satisfied with what I’m doing I’m happy my whole family is happy and proud of me I know I didn’t achieve much till now but the feeling of being strong and independent is worth more than any other assets. And what makes me happier is that now people are respecting me they are seeing me as someone recognizing me as ma’am.
Life is like that only. Throughout our life’s journey failure will slap you again and again but that slap teaches your life lessons that no other book will do. People will tear you apart with their actions they will pull you back with their harsh words it’s upon you how you want to reflect back either to stay strong and shine or to get broken into pieces and have no use.

I decided not to stop here until unless I will achieve my goal. I will move further with full speed because I know I will have that one day."