"92 KGS to a humble 60's girl, My journey has been a journey full of moments of ups and downs with respect to inches! Yet my smile is testimony to the belief that I am and will always remain a confident girl. Big and plump and full of love and positivity. My journey has been fun and sometimes quite upsetting yet my heart trudges with the thought that I too could change my life when I started focusing on myself.

I worked hard on believing and brushing my innate skills. Singing, teaching writing , story-telling, counseling, too many stories to tell my grandchildren of what I am today and who I intend to become. Here I am , a few kgs less but a lot more ‘ me’ than I ever used to be and I love myself. Don’t you?

Body Shaming? What is that? Body positive – well that's me !

I would feel blessed if you please do share the love and vote for my story if it resonates with your heart. I cant wait to feel the love.