"Your words have the power to not only write your stories but your destiny as well. I learnt this lesson when my life had taken a complete 90 degree dive downwards. I always dreamt of learning any form of martial arts and getting the much coveted Black Belt, but this dream got fulfilled when my life had almost crashed.

I was going great in my professional life. The next step for me was a happy married life, but unfortunately, it turned out to be otherwise. It took my professional life down along with it.

I needed something to pull myself out of the rut I was in and martial seemed to be a perfect tool. My journey was not at all easy; I was running from pillar to post to fight the challenges of personal and professional life. Moreover, I had a serious injury in the first week of practice. But I had given myself no choice. I had told myself that this was the only way left for me to redeem myself. Not only did I got get a Black Belt in Karate, but I learnt Krav Maga, Kick Boxing and Kali Escrima and Empty Hand Combat on this journey.

What was the difference in this journey along with other journeys and my personal life between?

I retraced my footprints and realized that the stories I was telling myself were not just stories but my destiny as well. Challenges in my personal life had bogged me down so much that I had become everyone except myself. When I channelized all my energy to write the right stories for myself, I got the grip of my life back again and achieved what I was wanted to achieve since my childhood and that also when the odds were completely against me. I swam in the sea against the tide and won the race."