When life gives you lemons, you do what? You make lemonade! You see, life is not meant to be a utopia. Life isn't a fairytale, but what makes it a fairytale is our approach to life. And in this video, I want to share how I changed my approach towards life and changed my whole life.

I'm only 19, and a lot of people often say, ""You're young, you don't know about life."" Maybe, to an extent, it's true. But I believe experience comes from maturity more than age. And that is why, I will forever be grateful to my parents and my loved ones for imparting good values and morals to me. I wouldn't have been here without them.

Oh, and not to mention, over the years, my belief in God, or the power beyond, has increased drastically. Why? Because this power knew that my life was not supposed to be easy, but it was meant to be worth it. And all I had to do was have faith. A strong faith that could shake the foundation of every dark thought I've ever come across. And now, I do have that faith. Without it, I wouldn't be here.

When I was only 8, I was diagnosed with thyroid at over level 100. I was subjected to black magic multiple times by my own family. I was hated and mocked, I went through a cycle of generational trauma just for surviving. I was shattered. But I was alive. And that made me wonder, ""Why am I alive if my life is so difficult? Why don't I just… Die? Surely, there has to be a reason."" And that exploration lead me to my Ikigai, my passion. Solving mental health of teens and young adults through films.

Today, I'm taking baby steps towards that goal. One day, I want to help millions and billions of people through my work, and I'm working on myself constantly to reach there. And trust me, this journey has never felt more fulfilling. Had I taken that one wrong step that fateful night of my grandfather's death, I wouldn't have been able to work with people from all around the world, win global recognition, and be here talking to you. So now I know, life is not easy, but it's as worth living as you make it. Happiness is everywhere, you just need the eyes to find it.

And like I mentioned in the video, if you ever need a sign to be here, let this video be it. Your light is valuable and precious in this dire and dark world today. So choose to live. Choose yourself and watch your world radically change for you. And haters? Oh they'll always be there. But don't let that stop you. Rise from the burnt ashes of the jealousy and hatred of your haters like a phoenix and scream out loud, ""I CHOOSE MYSELF TODAY, UNAPOLOGETICALLY!""

Remember, if you choose life, life will choose you. My super 500 journey so far has been incredibly inspiring and I hope my story inspires you.

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