The canvas of our colourful life undoubtedly becomes SILENT without spoken words causing Catastrophic moments filled with anger, frustration & sheer helplessness.

Imagine standing before a rapt audience, and suddenly, your words remain trapped in your mouth, and your voice is lost.

Spoken words are evaporated in the air when you are confident enough to share your experiences & expertise as a captivating speaker.  

As Sound of Silence TALKS, I’m super excited to share a non-fiction Immersive narrative, of my redefined life 2.0, & “The Limitlessness of the Human Spirit & The Power of Self” while celebrating the 27th year of my Invictus journey with an unconditional smile after the forever loss of my natural voice twenty-six years ago.
At the age of 44, when I was at the peak of my career as an international marketer & only earning member of the family, I made a heart-wrenching choice life over voice to Stage IV vocal cord cancer.

There was, absolutely no "Why me?"

I embraced that forever midlife crisis & the beginning of the novel chapter of Life 2.0 as a blessing in disguise with die-hard courage & unshakeable confidence.
In December 1997, I started speaking with the help of a handheld electrolarynx placed under my chin but to my sheer disappointment, my differently enabled new voice was totally rejected by people.

I leveraged that unexpected deadly bouncer & rejection of my new voice as a challenge & indulged in speaking relentlessly with unwavering determination as audience audience-engaging global speaker & life-transforming influencer through this Clarion Voice you can listen to my numerous video clips.

My Unique Voice is as my lifetime identity & USP to breed success as a speaker.

I have delivered 8000+ hours of wisdom globally across 5000 sessions at numerous educational institutions, hospitals, corporate entities, and international conferences, including giving countless interviews & through podcast participation & touching & inspiring over 100,000 lives globally by bridging their hearts, heads, and guts & giving much-needed HOPE.

I am not a doctor, but was invited to deliver talks across 10 premier medical colleges & at IIM Ahmedabad, India's no.1 business school.

As a proud Indian, I've shattered expectations, gracing Times Square which was a world record for being featured as a vocal cord cancer survivor, and have received many accolades including Patient Leader Hero Advocate in the USA out of 21000 global nominations & 10,000+ acknowledgments.
First time ever, as a vocal cord cancer survivor, hosted 20 episodes of a Facebook live e-health series by interviewing Super specialists medical professionals for knowledge sharing with the community & received 55,000+ views.

Received the most prestigious recognition as "The Empowered Man" on International Men's Day 19th November 2023 from Ladies of All Nations International, UK

My abstract & YouTube Video were featured & streamed during the World Cancer Congress 2022 by the Union of International Cancer Congress, Geneva which has a presence in 170 countries.

Published my book including co-authored 3 books including one in the UK.

At the age of 72, I have continued dating my destiny as a fearless, unstoppable speaker with fire & spirit from within by knowing the real purpose & bigger picture of my life towards Sovereignty.

I’m fortunate to demonstrate my speaking disability in timeless opportunities along with inclusion and diversity as SDG#10 & thrilling life 2.0 even after cancer with laser focused mindset on building a legacy, & touching the horizon like the Airbus A380-800 & making the impossible possible to bloom relentless SUCCESS.

Explore my various social media handles to get INSPIRED & I guarantee, you will not be disappointed.  

I'm humbled to mention, that watching & listening to me speak with Clarion voice & sound will be a fascinating experience.

Join me on this remarkable journey, filled with resilience, inspiration, and limitless potential to add relentless momentum.