4 years, and 7 attempts.. (CA journey)
I was at the verge of giving up….
But a voice in my head kept saying
(My mentor CA Ajay Jain used to say it often to us, he even gave us a poem chart on Don't quit and it was there on ny wall as a reminder.)

& I didn't quut..
I changed my ways,
I aimed high, because I read somewhere AIM FOR THE MOON, EVEN IF U MISS YOU WILL LAMD AMONG STARS,

I focused exceptionally on my exams, no matter what, no family, friend, health issue, mental challenge, festival, event or whatsoever..and finally came out with flying colors… I made my parents proud and gained financial independence…

I used to say I will not marry unless I become a CA . . I achieved it in 2018 and got married in 2019…

But life took a turn,

Complaints, taunts, multiple fights, and rejections completely shattered my confidence.. I even started shivering, I was afraid, God! what wrong I will say or do and there will be another fight…
We had different routines,, to make up for that, I even quit my job, but nothing worked…

1 day, I looked into the mirror amd asked myself, WHAT HAVE U DONE TO YOURSELF? This is not you … I decided THIS HAS TO STOP….

I started with baby steps, I changed my morning playlist, (no sad and depressing song, only happy and inspiring ones) I started spending more time with nature, visited gurudwara daily, and practiced more n more acts of generosity….

Parallelly, I worked on myself, my thoughts, my behaviors and took 100% responsibility of life… Respond rather than react,, communicate calmly instead of crying or yelling,,, observing and improving my self talk…. and much more….

To get back to work I even started my own practice but covid hit and many of the few clients I had, were gone…

Determined, I decided to use this time to master life skills.. I did NLP, Emotional intelligence, coaching mastery, time and money mastery, abundance council (for meditation, chakra healing and blockage clearing).. I started practicing mindfulness..I am aware… the best thing I could learn..

It wasn't easy , I too had set backs..
N the early marriage trauma and 2 challenging and consecutive pregnancies with covid, fracture, laproscopy, infection, and hospitalization away from my 8 months old…

But I learnt, there are no negatives in life only challenges to overcome and opportunities to rise above..
All my pains were actually blessing in disguise…

Now, as a mother of two , I have mastered the art of balancing and handling emotions. .
No yelling, no blames but better understanding…

I am still learning, continously evolving and helping others to transform..

Nothing could stop me then
Nothing can stop me now
Nothing can stop u, except u…

Don't give up on your dreams.. whether it's career or relations… you have that resilience N strength within you ..
Rise above ..
Take charge of your destiny..