"My story of never giving up has helped me strengthen my beliefs.

I never knew that I had it.

Every time I faced a challenge in life, I worked my way around it. Whether it was rebuilding


refocussing the task at hand, I would take the next required step and confidently surge


Today at the age of 51, I have enrolled myself in ILH – A COMMUNITY that brings OUT


HERE I AM NOW A Freedom Finisher. Having Siddharth as my mentor has helped me find

myself once again.

Today I work as a psychologist and am doing my bit of giving back to society.

You are going to fall more times than you can count. LEARN TO GET UP ALWAYS AND DO

YOUR BIT BECAUSE, in the end, you will rise as the mighty soldier that you are.

My Super 500 journey in the Super Speaker reality show has been inspiring and I hope my

that my story inspires you."