Coming from a middle-class family, being surrounded by financial challenges I never tried my hands into business although I was always passionate to do one.
But, the hunger to do business always kept me uncomfortable and unsatisfied from inside. With no financial or business support from family I did not have the guts to do it all alone and hence, I kept searching for someone who can help me with some business idea so that I can get into business. I trusted 3 friends at 3 different times, but, all 3 betrayed me.
That was the time I learnt that if I want to be successful in business then it has to be my idea and my skills.
I always knew I was good at teaching as I used to teach my friends during my college days. I convinced myself that this is my strength and should be capitalized upon.
I soon started with a small rented coaching setup, simultaneously took lectures in colleges and also did my 10-hour job. Those days were very tiring as I hardly slept for 2 hours and worked for 19 hrs. But, these hardships ended soon as I rented a bigger space, quit my job, and started a full fledged coaching institute.
My journey from being financially troubled, betrayed & feared to stand all alone to the owner of coaching institute and the best 500 Super Speakers is simply about believing in oneself.
So, Stop Doubting Yourself. Work Hard and Make it Happen.