We cannot run away from it. We cannot hide from it. We cannot ignore it. We cannot pretend that it does not exist. The more we suppress or resist it- the 'dis-ease' in our life, the stronger it bounces back in our life, as real disease in our physical bodies. Oftentimes, that's the zenith point for the overlooked and ignored mental, emotional and existential pain, when the dis-ease in one's life starts showing up as disease in one's physical body.

I met such a point in my life, when I could not walk, because of severe inflammation in my body. I was diagnosed with SLE- Systematic Lupus Erythematosus, an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks its own tissues, causing widespread inflammation and tissue damage in the affected organs!

My immune system was attacking my own cells and tissues! What made my immune system decide that my own cells and tissues were the ‘enemy’ that it had to attack! How was I being my own enemy?

I discovered how disease in my physical body was the result of a long standing ‘dis- ease’ in my own life. The pain and suppressed anger of rejection as a girl child, the sorrow of losing my studies to marriage at the age of 18, years of self abandonment trying to 'fit-in' and prove myself as a worthy daughter and daughter-in-law, these were some of the deepest wounds that I had been carrying unhealed from my past.

Being an introvert and highly sensitive being, I had spent the early years of my life, feeling like a 'misfit' in this world. I remember being labelled as 'too emotional,' 'too weak,' and 'too sensitive.' As an empath, and a disempowered one back then, I walked the earth carrying the pain and burden of the entire planet on my shoulders!

My tendencies to 'over-give,' and 'people-please' would put me into situations wherein I would be ignoring and sacrificing my own authentic needs to fulfil the needs and expectations of others. I would first lose myself into 'giving', and resent it later, when I would reach the brink of burn-out and exhaustion from compulsive over-giving. I did not have healthy personal boundaries in place, nor had I learnt to tap into my Source energies for inner replenishment.

Not knowing how to tune into the abundant power and potential within my being, 'embarrassed' of my 'hypersensitivity' and perceived 'inadequacy,' constantly living in the fear of being judged and misunderstood for voicing my self, I shunned the voice of my soul, my authentic self expression, and my empathic gifts for several years of my life.

The me I was on outside wasn’t the me on the inside! There was a huge gap. And this was enough for my body to consider my own cells as ‘anti-gens’ to be attacked by my immune system, leading to the autoimmune condition.

Over the years, I had also started becoming aware of a deep void within. I knew there was a bigger meaning and higher purpose in my life. I wasn't living my full purpose and potential! I would have experiences of the mystical energy healing abilities I was naturally gifted with, but I would shun those gifts too. I was caught into the traps of self-doubt and the 'who am I to claim these gifts and powers' syndrome. Coming from a hardcore science background, I was also apprehensive of the skepticism that I would stir by venturing into something as esoteric as the subtle energies of the human bio-energetic field.

The calling of my spirit was strong and I was irresistibly drawn into the world of energies and bio-energetic practices that were soon to open up new dimensions of life and light for me. Around this time I had found myself catapulted into the most profound awakening journeys, set into motion through intensive inner healing work. I was learning to create the right emotional, mindset, and energetic systems, as well as healthy boundaries that I needed to optimally function as an empath. My unique psychic and mystical healing gifts were blossoming in full and fearless abundance. From this space of an empowered abundance, I could recognise the beauty of my sensitivity and compassion, which were no longer the limitations I had believed them to be. I was tapping into the strengths of my perceived limitations, and transforming my pain into my power and purpose.

Having claimed my own inner gifts, power, and purpose, I am now on a mission to help hundreds and thousands of sensitive beings like me to awaken to their inner strengths and unique gifts, rise into their full power and potential, be their fearless authentic self, shine their inner light in its fullness and brilliance, claim their blissful abundance and make a difference in this world through inner healing systems.

To each one of you reading this, I want you to know that deep at the centre of your being, where your true self exists, there is a place that's profoundly peaceful, and immensely powerful, just waiting for you to claim it, and EMERGE BlissFull in life!