Some incidents in life change the complete trajectory of our life, it alters the way we view life and our own belief systems.
When I faced a situation like this in my life, I felt completely shattered and did not know how to pick pieces of myself and live again. I was not just heartbroken but also spirit-broken.
It was only when I surrendered to the divine with a strong belief that faith can move mountains and the universe falls in love with a stubborn heart was I able to re-birth my story.
If you ever come across a crossroad in life so though to cross over, always remember you are the chosen one by God, not just to re-write your story but the story of many others.
These setbacks in life are only meant for you to grow beyond your own best version. Let us always choose growth and expansion even through pain.

It is indeed the depth in our conviction and the surrender in our 'Ask' that can change our life.
Nothing in our life changes until we change our own attitude.

My Super 500 Journey in the Super Speaker Reality show has been inspiring and I hope My Story inspires you!

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