"I discovered my Self-worth very late in life, at the age of 49 years in 2017. Prior to that, I was living a life of a people pleaser, seeking validations, and asking for permissions.

There came a trigger in my life in 2017, when I realized 'Who I am and what's my Worthiness'.

There afterwards, knowing that I am my Priority in my life, I started investing in myself always Upskilling, Upgrading, and Updating myself.

I then started helping others discover their own Self-worth, such that they do not lose out on time like me.

After I started my 2nd career in 2017, prior to that I was technically challenged. I now upskilled myself to create FB Ads, Google Ads and create Online courses and presentation modules and operate other digital tools.

At 55 years, I am now on par with the present generation and my mind is of 27yrs, always eager to learn and implement.

I am now adding Value to others’ lives and I am a Transformational Catalyst for Self-transformation. I have guided more than 9500 people to better their lives and still ticking on.

I now enable people to EXCEL to enhance their own True Potential to create their BEST FIRST IMPRESSIONS and become a BETTER VERSION of themselves and become UNSTOPPABLE.

Each of us is UNIQUE, let us Contribute and add Value to the World outside.

Success Gyan – Super Speaker Reality Show has challenged me and refined my thought process as well as the way I execute things.

Gratitude to my Mentors, Coaches, and the Universe.

My Super 500 Journey in the Super Speaker Reality Show has been Inspiring and I hope my story inspires you!"