"Hi my friend, we may not know each other but please know we are connected and I deeply care about you and I am trying to better myself everyday so that I can serve you in some way if God wills.

Thank you for deciding to read the description, it means that something resonated with you within this video and therefore I want to give you the best jewels from my journey!

Here are some key lessons from my healing journey that I want to share with you:
1. Root cause to most problems in the world not just autoimmune disorders are self sabotaging thoughts aka thoughts that attack you directly or indirectly like I am not good enough, I don't like myself, I don't want to live, I want to give up, I don't deserve a good life, I am unlucky, there is lack of everything, world is unfair, anything can happen at any time etc
2. Self sabotaging thoughts pervade our mind when we are disconnected from our true identity as God's child carrying his essence, his strength and power within us.
3. When we are disconnected from Source or God, we live in perpetual anxiety and fear because we do not believe that Universe/ God/ Higher power is a force of compassion and that every experience he plans in our life is to help us grow to our (soul's) highest potential.
4. When we live with this kind of a mindset, we lack perspective that is rooted in safety and abundance therefore, our brain perceives a lot more threats than actual threats and activates the fight, flight, freeze and fawn response of our nervous system more often which in turn causes inflammation and when this inflammation remains in our body for prolonged period of time, it impacts our digestion, creates toxins, which then homogenises with our cells, creating an autoimmune disorder.
5. For complete healing, we need a Holistic Body-Mind-Spirit approach. a) Where we first reprogram our belief systems by understanding universal spiritual principles, which in turn gives us a new life where we live through an empowered mindset instead of a victim mindset, from abundant mindset instead of a lack mindset and from living with trust and faith instead of living in constant fear and anxiety.
b) we then learn to forgive, let go and digest years of undigested trauma by alchemising pain into purpose

c) and finally we learn to nourish our body via an attitude of gratitude instead of an attitude to fix it or change it because there is something wrong with it and that's how gradually we move from DISEASE to EASE.
For anyone who is going through a health crisis or any crisis in life please know that God is all knowing, all compassionate and all powerful.

He is all knowing means that he plans our present keeping in mind what he has in store for us in the future and what it will take us to get there.

He is all powerful means what we think is miracle is just like breathing for him so let's make all our worries into prayer and depend on him like how a child depends on his father.

He is all compassionate means he would never let you suffer if it's not for your highest good just like how a Doctor sometime operates a patient only to save his life. Rest in knowing that where you were supposed to get a sword, you only received a needle.

God is an archer who pulls his arrow back only to push it forward with greater intensity in the right direction and you are his most special arrow meant to reach his target because he can't miss any, he'll do great things through you, so chin up and brace yourself for the most amazing ride 😉

My prayer for you is that May you hear his soft but powerful whispers that come to you through many different mediums without any resistance, May you get the vision to see what he is trying to do with your life and May you get the courage to walk the path he lays before you.

To your healing & growth with lots of love, Surbhi Bhardwaj"