Empty nester to Empowering Community.

The setbacks in life can be turned into stepping stone and empower you to create a brand new identity.

In this video I am going to share how my life changed when I took charge again.

From being an eternally optimistic person, I became lonely & depressed day after day, when my children went to study abroad.
I would be an imposter if I said I didn’t find my situation overwhelming at the beginning. It was excruciating and mentally exhausting to move, even an inch.

I surrendered to the divine intelligence to guide me through, no matter how small a step I had to take.

Weeks later, I started to decode my patterns and my complacent situations. The realization of my inner demons & an awareness of my potential to touch, move & inspire people with my work, have been the two important steps to surmount my feeling of victimisation.

Next time, if you’re faced with a challenge, determine to rise up to the occasion and turn
Your Challenges into Courage
Your Fear into Faith
Your Anger into Action

No matter what age you are, all it takes is just one decision to get started. Nothing in life has the power to change your narrative except you.

The journey won’t be easy but worth embarking upon.
The roads will be difficult but that’s what makes a true winner.

My super 500 journey in the SuperSpeaker reality show has been inspiring and I hope my story inspires you.