"This is a story a typical 90s girl who inspite of being a bright and promising was married off at the tender age of 21 and had already had 2 kids by the age of 26! How I found my purpose and Ikigai in life as I continued to learn , grow and evolve inspite of my circumstances and all the challenges that came my way …only to give back to the world before saying the final goodbye:)
I have always believed that if you have a true and pure intention ,the universe will always have your back and nothing can stop you from achieving anything that you desire no matter you're alone or when you start:)
P.S: This video was shot by my kids at home on the very last day of submission as I couldn't arrange for any photographer due to diwali holidays . It was chotti diwali and there was so much noise of crackers from outside that is evident in my video. We didn't have any professional lighting or editing ,it's not even my best entry for super speaker but it's commendable how my children made sure that I am able to make a submission inspite of all odds . Finally, around 11.51 pm my daughter and I submitted the video with the deadline being 12 midnight! Not my best video but certainly one of my best memories of my life..KUDOS TO MY KIDS ..just goes to show nothing in life goes for a waste 🙂