The toughest battle is the one which we fight against our own self. When your mind is stuck in the rippling thoughts of worry. When you see that you are losing the battle because it's you on both the sides.
And that too when you are someone who is fun loving , friendly, loves travelling & generally Jack of all traits master of none.
But suddenly all of these traits vanishes away as if they have never existed. When you see that all the moments you have lived so far is a Sham & this life is so fragile that it can finish in a moment , When you are so helpless , baffled & unclear about each & everything till date. Believe you me It's not a comfortable feeling & It's like almost losing your own self.
Well, I survived all of this for almost 2 years due to death anxiety I accidentally caught due to a miss-happening in my neighborhood & even today the effects are there sometimes I feel it's perennial & would never end. However at the same time , I opened myself to the universe to show me the right path & I know it's difficult to believe but I almost felt like that some divine energy is helping me to take the right course at every step. This is the first time I realized the power of thoughts & manifestation as universe taught me a lot. It even introduced me to right people & right tool at the right time. However, I have not mastered the realized power so far but yes many things miraculously happened with me, including super speaker.
I learnt to trust on what is unseen ( this is the most difficult part of life as we often tend to not trust what is in front of our eyes) but step by step I learnt to handle & worked on myself & since then there is no looking back. I haven't had the anxiety medicines for more than an year now & ready to defeat this fear every single time. But the most important thing I achieved due to this dark phase was the universal light i.e the awakening of my conciousness so much so that I can now evaluate my actions to a good extent. It has helped me to understand many aspects of life which is a boon. I can't recall any single episode which has not worked for my betterment and my remorse, hate, anger, ego & envy has declined. And now I wish to share my experiences & help those people whose lives are disturbed due to any kind of anxiety or similar situation.

Darkness is the absence of light but it's also an opportunity to learn about our inner self , to know the true nature of your soul, becoming conscious about little things. Its a chance to live this feeling of TRUST & a little faith in the nature will show you the Universal light even in the darkness."