Come along on a journey through my life – I'm Meena Chabbria, and this is my story, a tale of bouncing back, staying strong, and growing against all odds. Picture a 16-year-old girl suddenly engaged without a clue. Yes, I said 'yes' to getting married at 16 as my father insisted when I went to my cousin’s engagement, and half an hour later, I found myself engaged too. Married with two kids at 19, I found myself in a tough spot, navigating the challenges of marriage and eventually facing divorce. It left me feeling stuck and scared. Jump to now – I'm the Assistant Vice President of PVR for South India, a coach, and a marketing whiz. As a single mom, I went from taking care of kids to running the show, handling over 500 screens and big money. My journey wasn't smooth – divorce, no money, and no clue. But with sheer determination and belief, I turned things around.
My story is about working hard, not giving up, and chasing dreams. In tough times, being a mom kept me going. My aim to empower my kids pushed me forward. From being a caretaker to becoming a corporate leader, each step showed my growth. This isn't just about climbing the work ladder. It's a story of facing problems, beating unfair treatment, and proving that a mom can win in the working world. Join me in this story where hard work,