Being born in a stereotypical society Being a girl was a deadliest sin
But My parents were my biggest support system the day I marked my presence as a line in the pregnancy kit
They thought me how to come up with flying colours how to master my own life
Fight with all the odds and somehow manage to be in the limelight to the 9th cloud
As I have only lived 19 years of my life I will be sharing my life stories zist with you how I was the one who managed with all the odds and situations in my life
From the very starting
I was a super active multitasker and a achiever kid I till now won like more than 90 trophies and 50 medals and countless certifications This one which is shown is my life's first award which I won in pre nursery
Being active in all the arenas of my life I was actively participating in all the events
I had great stage fear my parents helped me to conquer my fear and manage to get into the limelight and look now I am fully grown individual with literally no stage fear getting into sudden debates extempores be it any thing I am always there to participate
Later getting into teenage
My parents taught not to get influenced by the kids of my age
And when the girls of my age who were finding someone to sit behind them in bikes I was the one who choosed to ride bikes instead
I always wanted to do something away from the crowd
I did a boycut and my friends were so skeptical about my hairstyle but my parents did support me for this
I played badminton as an sport
Later I saw girls insisting for help from those muscular men's and then I decided to learn the art of Taekwondo and Karate just to defend myself and any needy one

I have always choosen a path which was not a easy one for a family of a girl to accept
I did vlogging, biking , being in the company of boys, having a loud voice, My parents teaching me not to cry over agruments but to defend more harshly to such people so that they don't dare back to hurt me again
The boys who gave me stares not to get afraid of them instead give them a double stare so that they only feel uncomfortable
But All thanks to my parents who gave me wings to fly and are being my constant support system and my soft corner in this world full of thorns. And yet my story of being unique is TO BE CONTINUED