I had an extraordinary school life. From academics to debates and acting, from Olympiads to sports and dancing, whichever activity I participated in, I came back with a prize. I was always a topper and was the School Captain. I persued my childhood dream to be a Doctor with great passion.
We can’t always choose the music life plays for us, but we can always choose how to dance to the music! I had a setback due to various challenges in personal and professional life, but I refused to give up.
I kept upgrading my knowledge, skills and qualifications. As a Gynecologist my special interest is High Risk Pregnancy. I managed the High Risk Pregnancy Clinic at a renowned hospital for about eight years managing extremely challenging cases and giving them the joy of motherhood. I realised, it was important to empower these women through real life challenges in their transformative journey of pregnancy and motherhood with our knowledge and empathy. I moved on to become an independent practitioner and also started one of a kind webinars collaborating with other colleagues where we speak to enlighten women about various gynecological issues and pregnancy care. I learnt Latin American and Ballroom dancing in my late thirties that I continue even today. I promote it as dance therapy for physical and mental well being. I was awarded the prestigious Woman Icon award for holistic care in women’s health this year.
I chose to bring a change, not excuses!
I chose to be different! I chose to leave a little bit of colour in every life I touched!
Be the change, it’s never too late to begin 🫶