The journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step and it’s not about the destination. It’s all about the journey.

Admist the rhythms of life, everyone has a story waiting to unfold . My story is a tale of resilience, courage, faith and exploration. Exploration of hidden potential to do something big and extraordinary.

My journey started in a small city called Dehradun. I was blessed with a wonderful educated family but i developed into an extremely shy, hesitant ,nervous & a weak personality,so much so I couldn’t even talk to my siblings & friends .

More miseries were on the way in my developing years with certsin utmost conditions fuelled with my introvert nature, my personality got deteriorated.

But my parents never lost faith in me. They crafted my existence and collaborated very harmoniously and patiently ,encouraging me every moment to break my shell & dream big.

After a lot of pushing I made my first solo debut on stage & guess what,
It was a big disaster despite of the fact I practised the entire night, I blacked out and fumbled on stage.

Only people who still applauded loudly were my parents. Their undying confidence in me completely shook me and a new lipakshi was born on that day and I decided to come out of web i had knitted around me .

With a strong determination I embarked on my journey & as It’s said “that when you want something with all your heart even the universe starts weaving magic”

I started improvising myself and excelled academically and in extracurricular activities!!!
Proud to mention that my school notice boards still have my name inscribed in bold letters as the “Head Girl” !!! I also bagged the All Rounder Prize during the last year of my schooling.

Carved my way into the prestigious college of India LSR , New Delhi and later I pursued my PhD despite alll odds burning the midnight oil even after my marriage and gave my final viva while I was 8 months pregnant.

My strife for more to prove myself continued and dream of prefixing Doctor before my name thus became a reality,, authoring several books on foreign policy and international relations for Delhi university.

Listening to DoorDarshan News was a daily family ritual when I was young & my mother always dreamt of seeing me on television as a news reader comparing me to the ledgendry Salma Sultana & I used to laugh it out everytime she talked about it .

But slowly, I realised that my voice had the power to awaken the dormant and the manifestation started working.

During my Graduation, I had the opportunity to meet the reality show pioneer Sh Gajendra Singh at Zee studios. And my media career got its wings.
From working in famous musical shows like SaReGaMa and Close up Antakshari , I joined Zee News as a news anchor not in one but in three languages.
There was no looking back since then & I could crack the auditions to become a News anchor at DD news.
A Dream come true not only for me but more for my parents who believed in me.

With a successful career spanning more than two decades I have more than two thousand news readings to my credit working with various media houses…

During covid times, when the world was reeling under uncertain times, i got time to introspect myself further, and looking back at my evolving journey I decided to help & train young people on public speaking & self healing!!!
I invested on on self development and did several self healing courses from the leading mentors , arming myself with edge, to deliver nothing but the best…

In this illusionary world where every thing is at a click I decided to give personal sessions on self awakening and development thus creating a lot of positive impact on sooo many lives !!! In addition to my media career, today I am a successful coach and healer who feels that inner peace and calm when I am able to make a difference in making this world a better place….Today I see myself in every soul who is trying to fly and outshine the sky.

I now hold this firm that there are no coincidences but only planned incidences by the omnipresent power to vessel your destiny. Strong will and surrender can move mountains and so they did in my case as the next door reticent girl now got wings….wings to her dreams.

The world is a mirror of our emotions and when I decided to cross that path less traveled, the sea of opportunities started flowing, the magic started happening and the resolve I took after that one stage
Show to do something in life took shape. Stepping out of comfort zone, the old self comes out stronger than before when you are on the path of transformation.

Life is what you make out of it …
And I strongly believe in the saying of Tim Notke …
“ Hard work beats Talent
When Talent doesn’t work Hard”
So always remember that the only place where success comes before work is in the Dictionary…

Would like to end by a famous saying of Winston Churchill
“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”