"Imagine giving up on your dreams to provide a stable life to your family. When it's about choosing between the two, the answer is a no-brainer! Putting food on your family's table is bigger than anything else. Many would disagree, but the majority would resonate with my thoughts. Living with the burden of giving up can be overwhelming, but that is where true warriors show their strength.

I was still in kindergarten when everyone around me discovered my inborn talent of copying voices. I was also born with a naturally loud voice. I was always fascinated with the stage. Watching others perform made me restless because I wanted to be there too; on the stage, performing. I pounced on every opportunity I got to be on stage. There was (and is) nothing more that I love other than the mic and the stage.

Using my talent and inquisitiveness, I grew a lot in the fields of speaking, acting, and comedy. From winning inter-school competitions to winning university-level competitions, from winning a comedy reality TV show to performing with celebrities, I had achieved a lot more than I could ever dream of.

With my father's retirement nearing and no financial backup available, I had to choose the safety of a fixed income over the uncertainty of an artist's life. However, I never truly gave up on what I loved. I still perform whenever I can. I may be a bit rusty, but I still try to give my best whenever I'm on stage and I have the mic in my hands. Exploring different avenues, I hope to return to my love once again, but this time with full zeal. However, my family will always take predence over anything else.

Never give up; pause, stabilize yourself, and, with a leveled head, plan your next move. It may take time, and the process may be slow, but courage, determination, and hope will help you live your dreams and be closer to what you love."