When the going gets tough – the tough gets going !
A chapter that began with the union of hearts at an early age,treading on a path less traveled- where people blamed me for my bad karmas and the astrologers for the lines on my palm ! Blessed with the distinct privilege of nurturing my cherished special child who was the reason I got to write my own story like a warrior princess ! It was during those sleepless nights, cocooned in the quiet hours, that the muse of art unveiled itself. As dawn broke, my canvases bloomed with untold stories, painting my existence with vibrant hues of purpose.
Today, my journey has transcended the humble abode to resonate within the gilded halls of exhibitions, and my art has woven a story of its own, reaching destinations untold not only for me but for others too !!!
If not for all these adversities I would never be introduced the real me ! So embrace your struggles and enjoy the journey of life !!