I believe there is always a choice, always a solution – no matter how dark the circumstances seem. All we need to do is trust our gut and take a leap of faith.

It took me years to build the courage to follow my heart. But once we've tasted that dream life, where we live in alignment with our value system, and do what we love – there is no going back.

This video is a compilation of a few watershed moments in my life. I was forced to get into a career that was not to my liking. After taking a few risks and my fair share of struggle I was finally able to get into a course of my liking at IIM Indore. Then 5 years went by in a breeze. I won trophies, medals, and great friends. That is when I promised myself to always follow my heart, no matter what.

Post studies, I entered the corporate sector but in due course of time realized that that was not what I was meant to do. There were tears and struggles, no doubt, but I got out of the corporate job, joined a Gurukul, and learned Yoga.

Today, I am into teaching, writing, public speaking, researching, and building businesses. I am living my dream life and honestly, I don't know if there's any other way to live (fully).

My name is Aradhya Vats and I am not afraid to challenge the status quo, make my way against the flow, and keep learning wherever I go. Thank you!