I was studious till my 5th grade..Separation from my siblings and my parent’s continuous quarrels and disagreements ruined my life and I Somehow completed my graduation.

In order to make my life significant, I Decided to pursue my masters degree and to get a decent job. I could Discover My strength and resilience of accomplishing it amidst my family’s refusal, and continuous intervention in the name of Marriage proposals in which I had a rejection score of 74
Nursing my family members back to their health one after the other for almost 5 consecutive years, I became a beloved figure for my willingness to help those in need ,either by healing hands or simply lending an empathetic ears

Being a caring wife & a loving mom, I Chose to play small. As my family was my world after all. Working as a Teacher, Still investing my time and energy to learn and practice on my personal growth . Started my entrepreneurial journey in the year 2018 , Pandemic took my life to a new trajectory as I successfully got my gyan for life from great mentors.

My reputation as a wise, committed, strong and kind woman grown got the SIWAA under humanitarian ground, I have authored a book, “It’s time to unmask, be who are" and I started sharing my knowledge and experiences to help women who had sacrificed their dreams like me,