I stayed in a small 150 sqft room along with 12 people when I came to Delhi in 2006.

Situation was very miserable.

I didn't know where to go, what to do and who to contact for guidance.

No one in my family was educated barring my mom. Jeb khali thi , sapne bare the (Had big dreams but pocket was empty).

Initially, I just wanted to support my family.

During this time, I had several challenges, continue the study, feed self, pay rent, learn a craft that could help me in earning money. I remember, I used to burn the midnight oil to manage everything.

I remember, I used to be very low at confidence & had very poor communication-skill but at the same time, I was very hard working with strong willpower

One day, a family friend advised me to enroll into a computer diploma program so that it could help me earn livelihood faster.

I was fortunate to start my career as a trainer from the same institute where I was studying. I was very happy 🙂

First job 6.5K salary, I gifted a cellphone (Nokia 3300) to my mom as she didn't have it.

Started career, completed the graduation but challenges grew bigger. I was looking for a job in an MNC expecting little higher pay. My friend shared an opening & I rushed to give the interview. I got selected.

I was on cloud 9 because the person who interviewed me, hired me for a higher position than the one I gave #interview for. I still have a huge respect for this person (Vipul Sharma).

This news brought a joy to my entire family :).

You see! Life throws many challenges, but your future entirely depends upon how you respond to these challenges.

You may not know; I was very shy at the same time under confident and as a result I had to face a lot of emotional turbulence.

On the top of everything my poor communication skills became the biggest roadblock.

Soon, my colleague started mocking my communication skills, my email writing etc.

I started to feel nervous before every meeting. I would think negative about myself and feel I am not worthy for growth opportunities.

After repeated, insults, bully and emotional trauma and career failure . I decided to change this.

I mustered the courage & invested time, money & energy in my personal development as I wanted to improve my comms skills.

Me, surrendering to my mentors, turned out to be one of the ground-breaking events of my life.

As a result of improved communication skills, in last 2-3 years. I grew 300% financially, I am able to become debt free, own my dream home, get kids enrolled to cities best education institutions, build brand and above all find my life's purpose of impacting the lives of others via my coaching on communication/public speaking and mentoring to those who come from tier 2 cities, work in MNC's but struggle to find their voice.

Fast forward when I look back at my life, I could have never imagined that I would be able to find my voice & give voice to others.

It all came to reality because I believed that anything is possible.

So let me ask you. What are you waiting for to achieve your dream?